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Yoga with Sara

Corporate classes

The benefits of yoga are extraordinary, especially for individuals who work long hours and tend to have sedentary jobs. Yoga will energize your mind and body and rejuvenate your whole being.


Benefits of Corporate Classes:
• Increases productivity and communication.
• Increases concentration.
• Decreases anxiety and tension.
• Improves efficiency.
• Reduces muscle tension and pain.
• Less sick time and absences.
• Ability to manage emotional stress.


How does it works:

• Classes are generally scheduled after work or during lunch hours.
• Designed for all levels – beginners through advanced
• Classes are typically 1 hour in length
• Sign on for 6 to 10 week segments
• Groups of any size (depending on your space capacity)
• Discount passes for your employees to take classes at their leisure.

If you would like to experience yoga in your work place then contact me for a free consultation.

        NEWS 2021


       YOGA RETREAT                      PUGLIA     

         17-23 July 2021


YOGA RETREAT.                  CORFU,GREECE              4-11 SEPTEMBER    


"The entire world is only the fabrication of thought.  Play of mind is only created by thought.  By transcending the mind, definitely peace will be attained." 

Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

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