Yoga with Sara
Yoga with Sara


            27th August-3rd September 2022     


                3rd-10th  September 2022



A nourishing week in a beautiful villa in front of the sea. 


The retreat includes:


Daily Breakfast and great vegetarian food.

20 min welcome massage.

2x90 min yoga sessions per day (morning and evening).


1 Yoga class on a peninsula during the sunset. We will take everybody by boat! 





Sara speaks to all levels and so, whatever your previous experience may be, you will gain new insight. 



Prices starts from £ 600pp


Retreat Sample Schedule:


8.30-10.00am    Morning Yoga


10.00-11.30am  Breakfast


11.30-5.30pm    free time to explore, swim, relax


5.30-7.00pm      Evening Yoga


7.30-9.30pm      Dinner (Vegetarian greek buffet)


On Tuesday we will have a unique yoga session on a peninsula (We will go there by boat) and then we will head to "7th Heaven Cafe'" for an incredible sunset. 


You will have one free day to explore this wonderful island. 







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Corfu, Greece               27th August-3rd September


3rd -10th September 


"The entire world is only the fabrication of thought.  Play of mind is only created by thought.  By transcending the mind, definitely peace will be attained." 

Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

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