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        Yoga with Sara

Private and group classes in North London:
* Vinyasa Flow Yoga
* Yin Yoga

* Hatha Yoga

* Yoga Nidra
* Restorative Yoga



                              May 2022


                         Online and in person classes:



TUESDAY                10.30/11.30 Hatha to Yin (Online)

WEDNESDAY        10.00/11.00 Vinyasa (Online)
THURSDAY            9.00/10.00  Hatha (Online)
                               10.45/11.45 Align and 12.00/13.00 Dynamic
                               (Virgin Active Mill Hill)
FRIDAY                  8.00/9.00 Morning Flow (MoreYoga Harringay)
                               10.45/11.45 Align and 12.00/13.00 Calm
                               (Virgin Active Mill Hill)
Online classes are on Zoom. First class is free. 
All my classes/workshops can be paid also on a donation basis at present. NHS workers please come for free. Spread the word that all are welcome. 
Please message me for bookings. 




                           FEBRUARY ONLINE WORKSHOPS


        Saturday 12th February: Heart Opening Yoga and Loving Kindness.

                                            10.30-12.30 (Online)


Loving-kindness Meditation is a practice that encourages feelings of compassion and well-being for oneself and for others.
During this workshop we will focus on a gentle Asana practice designed to open the upper back, the chest and the heart area for self-care and love.

There will also be an exploration of the importance of balancing the nervous system through meditation, pranayama and chakra work. All to support the acceptance, love, kindness and compassion that we will be cultivating. 
The workshop will end with Yoga Nidra.
 Saturday 26th February: Mudras to balance and Harmonize your Chakras 
                                           10.30-12.30 (Online)
The energy of our fingers is related to the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether), so the practice of Mudras (hand gestures) can enhance meditation and facilitate the energetic flow in the body through the Chakras.
During this workshop we will explore Mudras and their use in meditation and Yin Yoga poses.
The session will end with a restoring Yoga Nidra.
Price: £20 single workshop or £30 for both workshops combined


Sara at the moment collaborates with NHS teaching gentle Yoga and meditation to patients with mental illness at Stacey Street Nursing Home and at Highgate Mental Health Centre (Sapphire, Malachite, Amber and Opal Ward)   

Sara also teaches corporate classes and Yoga in schools in North London.



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  • Ilana (Friday, August 09 19 07:47 am BST)

    Sara’s yin yoga workshop focusing on the chakras was uplifting.

          NEWS 2022


Feburary.                       Online Workshops


       YOGA RETREAT                      PUGLIA     

         16th-22nd April 2022


YOGA RETREAT.                  CORFU,GREECE              27th August-3rd September

3rd -10th September 


"The entire world is only the fabrication of thought.  Play of mind is only created by thought.  By transcending the mind, definitely peace will be attained." 

Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

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